Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are attached to the no obligation quotation/booking form that we send out on request. When applying for an official quotation we recomend reading the literature carefully before signing and returning the form. The terms and conditions are in-place for insurance purposes only.

We would also draw your attention to the following:


Delivery is worked out out at £2.00 per mile and is calculated on a one way basis from our depot BS40 6NL to the location in question. It covers the return journeys and pick up journeys too.

For European and overseas installations please ask a member of staff for more details.

Damage Waiver

Standard arrangements when hiring any form of equipment is that the client is fully responsible for all loss or damage. With the value of our equipment on most jobs extending to many tens of thousands of pounds it is, of course, important that the equipment is properly insured.

Clients are welcome to arrange their own insurance but it is not always easy or cost effective for them to do so. In these cases we can offer a Damage Waiver in exchange for a fee (calculated as a percentage of the equipment hire charge). Depending on the site (for example if the site is accessible by the public) we may require special security arrangements to be in place.

The Damage Waiver means that The Stunning Tents Company takes the risk of loss or damage to the equipment whilst it is in the client’s care, except that the client remains responsible for:

a) the first £500 of any loss or damage

b) any loss or damage caused by the client’s negligence or legal liability

c) any loss or damage caused by the client’s failure to adhere to any special security arrangements that have been agreed.

Health and Safety

We trust that you will have a safe and enjoyable event. Safety is always of number one importance. Please make it your top priority.

Emergency Exits

There are two exits on opposite sides of each tent, which can be used as emergency exits. When multiple Tipi’s are joined together provision is made to make sure these exits are useable. It is the client responsibility to make sure that the emergency exits are not obstructed at any time.


The Tipi’s are designed to accommodate an open fire, but only using one of our specially designed fireplaces. During a period of hire we do not permit a fire to be lit in the Tipi using anything but the fireplace we supply. A fire extinguisher should be at hand, next to the fireplace.


We can provide oil lanterns for use inside the Tipi’s. Re-fuelling these lanterns is not permitted at any time during the period of hire, unless done so by authorized personnel.

Site Location

Each Tipi requires a level pitch 14 meters in diameter, free from overhead trees, power lines and other obstructions. The ground must allow for metal stakes to be driven in, in order to provide a safe and secure anchorage of the Tipi.

Health and Safety Regulations

Some events require authorisation from authorities, including the Health & Safety Executive and local Fire Service. Where necessary the client takes full responsibility for such authorisation.


Our tipis are fully insured against accidental damage for your event, including 3rd party liability. However, if a claim results in our insurance company deciding that wilful has occurred then the client shall be made responsible for the full replacement value of the goods.

As with all tent hire companies we are not insured against cancellation of an event, for any reason, including extreme weather conditions, preventing us from erecting the tents. For this reason we strongly recommend that the client takes out event insurance to cover such eventualities. It doesn’t cost much and will cover all aspects of your event… not just the tents.

For full details of the client’s responsibilities during a period of hire, please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Hire.

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