Tipi Hire

Q: How many guests will fit in a single tipi comfortably?
A: 64 guests if it’s closed down like a traditional tipi. Fully open plan we have had 120 guests in a single Giant hat.

Q: Are the tipis waterproof?
A: Yes they are made from a hybrid canvas/synthetic weave that make them completely water proof.

Q: Upon receiving measurements from you, If we are still uncertain if the structure will fit in the space allocated, would you come and do a site visit?
A: Absolutely. A free, no obligation site visit is part of the service.

Q: What is the most number of tipis you have linked together?
A: We have linked 6 x tipi in a doughnut shape with a courtyard in the middle. However, the structures are modular and therefore infinite in terms of how many can be linked together.

Q: Do you manage the event, on the day, as well as set them up?
A: We do provide “on the day management” but as a rule, normally hand over the structure to the client. For on-site management please include this request in any correspondence.


Q: How far are you willing to travel?
A: We will travel anywhere in Europe providing the customer is willing to pay the transportation fee.

Q: How do you transport the tipis if you are in a seriously remote location?
A: We use a 4×4 Land-Rover pick up and a 18ft trailer, with a specially adapted frame for transporting the poles.

Q: How do you calculate your delivery fee?
A: We charge £3.00 per mile from our Farm BS40 6NL and it’s calculated on a one way journey (Eg: 100 miles = £200) and covers the return journeys, per single loaded trailer.

Q: What if the trailer is not big enough for a single load?
A: Then we double the delivery fee.


Q: Do you have your own generators?
A: No. We hire in generators on behalf of the customer. As a rule, we hire them local to where the event is taking place and set up a policy with the companies technicians to provide an efficient 24hr breakdown service in the unlikely event that something should go wrong. Local technicians who offer this service makes all the difference if we live 200 miles away.


Q: What is damage waiver?
A: It means you are insured through our policy for the first £500 should the tipi be damaged whilst in your possession.

Q: Can we opt not to have damage waiver?
A: Yes. But you must set up your own insurance policy against damage, and send us a copy of the documentation.

Q: I’ve noticed that you have fire inside of the tipis, how does that work with smoke etc?
A: The tipis have chimneys in the form of a flap system that can be operated, externally, from ground level which consists of 4 x rope lines allowing you to open the flaps according to wind direction.

General Additions

Q: Do you provide toilets for all wedding functions?
A: We don’t own them but are happy to co-ordinate them for you. As a company rule, we suggest hiring these essentials from a more local company to save you the potentially expensive delivery fees.

For more information please call 01761 463 695


Tipi Events are a health & safety conscious team trained by official tentpi instructors and will build the product compliant with up-to-date method statements and risk assessments.

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