Solid pine table accessories are a popular choice with most clients who want a completely rustic feel within the tipis. A very high standard of construction table that needs no table cloth and designed to match the overall theme.

  • Benches are capable of seating 3 guests comfortably or 4 guests at a squeeze. (Reindeer hides available)
  • Wooden folding chairs for guests who’d like a little more back support whilst dining. (cushions available)

For a more formal setting we have (5’x6”) round tables which can seat a maximum of 10 guests around its circumference but you will need a table cloth.


As standard we use up-lighting. Consisting of 3 x (300w) spot lights positioned symmetrically around the rim of each tipi pointing up into the apex of the structure. The reflection of light off the canvas provides a soft ambience that is pleasing on the eye, the dimmer allows you to select your preferred brightness. Other options are as follows:

  • Down lighting for table flare, highlights table decoration whilst providing a gentle splash of light across each individual table.
  • Fairy lighting is perfect for effect around poles and entrances.
  • Mirror-balls for dance-floor areas.


With over 10 years in the Wedding industry and 600 events behind us we’ve gained the experience to realise the importance of audio within our accessories portfolio. As a result of our proactive on-site research we have designed a system that would cater for two key area’s during your wedding day.

  • Fine dining, gentle ambience and announcements.
  • Live bands, DJs and performance.

We offer a packaged arrangement that covers every aspect of your day at one fixed price. From speeches to soft background music for dining, to live performance for the evening disco.

Dance Floors

Oak Parquet dance-floors come in 3ft sq panels that interlock with each other and can be made up to a size of your choice. An aluminium rim is attached to the edge for a smooth transition between dance-floor and matting. Typical sizes that are used within a single tipi are as follows:

  • 12ft x 12ft
  • 15ft x 15ft
  • 18ft x 18ft
  • 21ft × 21ft

Fire Pits

You are permitted to have fires inside of the tipis but only with our specially designed fire stations. Made from a solid pine construction these (1m sq cube) fire stations have a griddle on the top and multiple attachments such as kettle hooks and griddle trays etc.

The fire station must be positioned at all times in the centre of a tipi where the draw is at its maximum. There are smoke holes (chimney caps) on the apex of each tipi which need to be opened according to wind direction to maximise the amount of draw. Fail to open correctly and you will fill the tipi with smoke! (tip: use smokeless logs)

To open and close the chimney cap there are x4 rope lines attached to the cap and anchored at ground level around the outside perimeters of the tipi. Of course, a member of staff will show you these procedures before handing over the tents and prior to you signing off the delivery form.

  • Effect and not to be relied on for heating a tipi.
  • Smokeless logs are far easier to maintain than seasoned hardwood.
  • A responsible person is required to light and maintain.
  • fire extinguishers by law must be installed with fire pits.

For more information please call 01761 463 695


Tipi Events are a health & safety conscious team trained by official tentpi instructors and will build the product compliant with up-to-date method statements and risk assessments.

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